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About Me

Agropreneur | Digital Marketer | Story Teller

Hi, I'm Ahmed Imran Halimi

Since 1997

This is Ahmed Imran Halimi, a challenging social entrepreneur, having motivated myself in urban food production and greening project. In 2018, I co-founded Greeniculture Agrotech Ltd, an urban farming platforms to provide quality content, services and products to individual urban farmers as well as big firms.

A man in nature

My Entrepreneurial journey

Since 2018, I have taken part in business competitions and acceleration programs. My success at the Microsoft Young Bangla Summit 2018 solidified my place among the top 5 business startups. In the BYLC presents Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, my startup Greeniculture placed in the top 09 positions. It was also one of the top 15 social businesses in the UNDP hosted Youth Co:Lab regional program and one of the top 05 startups in the international student entrepreneurship competition. I recently won first runner-up honor at the megapreneurs 2.0 competition hosted by YSI (Youth Sustainable Impact).


I established the SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club on my campus with my employees to make entrepreneurship accessible to my community. I was chosen to act as the club’s founding vice president. We are strengthening entrepreneurial abilities among agriculturalists through this organisation, and we also arrange case studies and proposal competitions.

I adore writing. Since I was in school, I’ve been writing stories, poetry, reviews, columns, and articles. I’ve received numerous accolades for my writing. Some of my writings have featured in magazines, books, newspapers, and weblogs. 2016’s Ekushey Book Fair featured a short nonfiction story I co-authored.

I Have Been Worked In:

I love to fly

I am an adventurous traveller. I pulls out my time from a tight busy schedule and goes out for travelling.  I founded a campus tourism society in 2017 and arranged national and bilateral recreational and adventurous tours. From arranging the tour, I gathered experiences over the years and made friends with lots of new faces.